Thursday, March 10, 2016

How To Fulfil Your Dream Of Becoming A Computer Engineer?

Computer science is one of the most popular fields for engineering students. While many students pursue it because they have interest in computer science, there are many who pursue it simply because it is popular. If you too are planning to pursue computer science engineering, here are some things you need to know, brought to you by Jyothy Institute Of Technology-one of the most reputed computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore.

Choosing the subjects in class 12th
PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) with Computer Science is preferred for the students interested in majoring in this field. Since, courses in college start everything from the basics, biology students can also pursue engineering in computer science.

Which college to choose?
There are basically two options available to the students, either start preparing for competitive exams to get admission in a government engineering college after class 12th or go for a reputed computer engineering college in Bangalore, like Jyothy Institute Of Technology.

What after completion of undergraduate course?
Upon completion of your undergraduate studies, there are two options available to the students- find a job or pursue higher studies. 

Find a Job: Computer science placements are excellent thanks to large service providers such as IBM, Wipro, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Infosys etc. They hire students in large numbers not just from the department of computer science, but also from other departments such as chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical etc.  There are other sectors as well, such as data analytics, oil and gas, banking, manufacturing etc. that hires a lot of computer science. Also, there are many start-ups in dire need for smart and bright software professionals to lead their company on the path of success. 

Further Studies: Since computer science s a very demanding field, many students decide to study further. They either go for M.Tech computer science or an MBA from a reputed institution in India. There are many fields of specialization-real world computing, artificial intelligence, mobile and internet computing, human computer interaction, computer vision, bioinformatics etc. 

No matter what field you choose, it is important to collect adequate information and make an informed choice by weighing in all options. This article by Jyothy Institute Of Technology-one of the best computer science colleges in Bangalore, aims to help the students make an informed choice. For more such information, or enquiries related to various courses available at JIT, visit-

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